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Metia Premium Plus Line Mattress


Our Premium Plus Line mattress offers incredibly addictive comfort with a thickness of 30cm. This top-of-the-range product will provide night after night of ultimate relaxation as you float off to sleep. The dreamy effects of the extra thick layer of memory foam is matched only by the strength of the pocket springs that retain the supportive firmness of this quality mattress. As such a large amount of our lives is spent in bed, make sure you give yourself the best sleeping experience for your enjoyment and health.


–  Individual Pocket Spring For Optimal Spinal Support

–  2CM Memory Foam Comfort Layer For Ultimate Pressure Relief

–  7CM High Density Support Foam For Extra Comfort

–  Crafted For Long Durability (5 Year Warranty)

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  • Intelligent support system, memory foam double layer cushion for double joint pressure relieve, deep recovery for every inch of your body. (Feet, Knee, Leg, Bottom, Back, Shoulder, Neck & Head)
  • Automatically adapt to all sleeping postures. (S curve for back sleepers, posture freedom for side sleepers, minimal chest pressure for tummy sleepers)
  • Pocketed individual springs for the ultimate silence, activation of the perfect partner mode without disturbance. Every single spring operates individually, sealed within non-woven fabric, securely locks in noise, worry free body turning experience.
  • Fantastic ventilation system, good mattress knows how to breath.

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    Double, Queen, King