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About Our Business

Our passion for providing high-quality yet affordable mattresses was ignited when we were forced to face the nightmare of mattress shopping that we’ve all experienced. Upon needing a new mattress, most people end up having to choose between the quality of the mattress and the cost. The mattress market was polarized with cheaper mattresses on one end that were likely to be abysmal in quality and high-quality mattresses on the other end that were likely to be astronomically expensive. It was evident that a middle ground was desperately needed. We believe that everyone is entitled to a satisfying and comfortable night of sleep
regardless of age, gender or income and the unfair pricing of mattresses would leave many without the opportunity.

We set to work learning the business and conducting in-depth research into the mattress market. It dawned upon us that with a simple overhaul of the business structure and cutting out unnecessary processes, it was possible that high-quality mattresses could be sold at reasonable prices.


Customers. Sleep is so important to one’s well-being, cognitive function and mental health and we believe that a good rest should be considered a human right. As human beings, we are estimated to spend 1/3 of our lives in bed and we all deserve a safe and comfortable place to lay our head.