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Metia Ultimate Mattress 32CM


Our Ultimate Mattress is a high-end product with a thickness of 32cm. Just like our Premium Plus Line mattress, it provides ultimate support with strong and long pocket springs to make sure your body is supported with precision, the extra thickness will provide you with the softness you desire to maintain a floating sensation, if you prefer a comfy mattress and don’t want sore joints, this is the ultimate mattress for you.


–  Individual Pocket Spring For Optimal Spinal Support

–  Memory Foam Comfort Layer For Ultimate Pressure Relief

–  High Density Support Foam For Extra Comfort

–  Crafted For Long Durability (5 Year Warranty)

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Metia mattresses are made with our classic Memory Foam comfort layer and individual pocket springs that we regard essential for maximum comfort and optimal support. This technology means that all our mattresses provide robust firmness and ample padding without being too soft. Each spring of the Pocket Spring System is encased in a fabric pocket that reacts individually to your pressure and weight; movements are therefore less noticeable, and you are prevented from being awoken by a partner. Meanwhile, the Memory Foam comfort layer relieves pressure from joints by moulding to your sleeping position, together ensuring a supportive and undisturbed night sleep.

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