Queen-sized mattresses are arguably the most popular size today because they provide a comfortable fit for individuals and couples. It’s up to you to choose the best bedding product based on comfort and support.
Buy a queen mattress online from Metia. It can contribute to better sleep quality for many years.

Why choose a queen mattress?

A queen-sized mattress is a suitable option for individuals who want something bigger than a full mattress.

This type of mattress is ideal if you sleep on your back or on your stomach, especially if you’re tall. You tend to stretch to your full height when you sleep like this, compared to people who sleep curled up on their side.

It’s also ideal when you move around in your sleep or if you have a pet who likes sleeping on your bed. It provides ample space for you to move comfortably without accidentally falling off the bed.

A queen mattress is also ideal for couples or for parents who share a bed with their child. It can certainly accommodate two people without making the bed feel crowded. It also fits into most bedrooms. 

And because it’s the most popular mattress size, you can easily find accessories to personalise your bed.

Which Metia mattress should you choose?

Metia’s queen mattresses for sale are as firm as they are plush. They provide spinal and full body support, contributing to a well-rested feeling when you wake up. They’re also soft enough to keep you cosy all night.

All our queen mattresses are made of breathable materials that regulate humidity, too.

Ultimately, your choice of mattress depends on the level of firmness and plushness that you’re after:

  • Comfort (22cm): This go-to mattress choice has the ideal level of firmness and plushness.
  • Comfort Plus (25cm): This mattress features a knitted fabric top and a memory foam layer.
  • Premium Plus (30cm): This is recommended for people who want an extra-firm mattress.

How does Metia help you sleep better?

Metia has built a reputation for queen-sized mattresses that meet the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of comfort. 

These mattresses are soft and plush enough to help you fall asleep faster. At the same time, these bedding products are firm enough to support your body and prevent stiff necks and back pains in the morning.Choose from our selection of premium queen mattresses today. We’ll arrange quick and free delivery to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia.