The best mattresses find the perfect balance of comfort, support and breathability. Buy a high-quality mattress today and experience a positive change in your sleep quality.
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Sleep Better with the Right Mattress

Melbourne is all too familiar with the four seasons. In fact, you can experience all four in 24 hours. And in between hot spells and cooler weather, you just want to rest in a cosy bedroom at the end of the day.

Décor plays a major role in how relaxing your bedroom is. But many people forget the importance of choosing a high-quality mattress. The right bedding products contribute to:

  • Longer and more restful sleep, especially when it takes you a long time to fall asleep
  • Lower chances of body pain because it’s getting proper support from the mattress
  • A fresh and energetic feeling when you wake up regardless of the Melbourne weather

Metia’s memory foam mattresses for sale are as plush as they are firm. They’re breathable, too. They can keep your body cool and comfortable regardless of daily temperature and rainfall observations.

Enter the Goldilocks Zone of Sleep

Every mattress from Metia has your overall comfort in mind. They’re soft. They keep you cool. They also provide sufficient support for your back, hips and legs. You won’t be tossing and turning and waking up in the middle of the once you switch to one of our mattresses. 

Check out the different products that could take you to the ‘Goldilocks Zone.’

  • Comfort (22cm): This soft yet firm mattress is the go-to product of many Melbourne customers.
  • Comfort Plus (25cm): This cosy bedding product features memory foam and a knitted fabric top.
  • Premium Plus (30cm): As our firmest product yet, this mattress is recommended for everyone.

Never Compromise Quality

Many people just tolerate their old, possibly lumpy mattress because of the assumption that good ones cost a fortune. This isn’t the case with Metia, though. Our mattresses for sale are high-quality — they’re plush and they provide stable body support — and they’re relatively low-cost. 

Sleep is one of life’s simplest luxuries but it can influence your health and disposition. So, choose bedding products that prioritise your comfort without breaking the bank. Shop our affordable memory foam mattresses today and we’ll deliver straight to your Melbourne doorstep for free and in the soonest possible time.