King single mattresses are essentially taller and wider than a standard single bed. They contribute to better sleep, particularly for people who move around a lot or for kids going through growth spurts.
Buy a king single mattress online from Metia. It does wonders for sleep quality.

Why choose a king single mattress?

A king single mattress is often considered the perfect size for restless sleepers. 

This mattress size features greater length and width than standard single mattresses so you can freely move around without worrying about your limbs hanging off the edge. But even with the extra bed space, the king single doesn’t take up too much space in the room.

The king single mattress is also ideal for kids and teenagers.

It provides extra space that accommodates your kid’s major growth spurts in their adolescent years. This way, you don’t have to worry about your teenager having a bad back or getting cold feet because they’re growing too tall or broad for their mattress.

Which Metia mattress is right for you?

Metia’s king single mattresses for sale feature the right balance of plushness and firmness. You’ll love sinking into the soft mattress at the end of the day. You’ll wake up well-rested because it provides full body support.

The king single mattress also keeps you comfortable regardless of the weather or the season. It is made with breathable materials that prevent moisture and protect against humidity. So whether you’re dealing with Brisbane’s hot summer nights or cold winter mornings, the mattress remains cosy.

After confirming that a king single mattress is the right option, it’s a matter of choosing the right Metia mattress. Browse your options:

  • Comfort (22cm): The standard mattress is both plush and firm.
  • Comfort Plus (25cm): This mattress features a knitted fabric top.
  • Premium Plus (30cm): This is the firmest mattress in our collection.

How does Metia contribute to sleep quality?

Metia wants you to enter the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ every time you get in bed. The king single features the right amount of firmness so it can properly support your shoulder, back and hips while you sleep. It’s also just the right level of plush to ensure a well-rested feeling in the morning.Our king single mattresses and premium bed frames come at reasonable prices. Place an order today and we’ll deliver anywhere in Brisbane and Australia-wide.