You deserve an amazing night’s sleep every night. Invest in a premium mattress that has perfected the balance of firmness and plushness. Buy mattresses online from Metia and experience a boost in your sleep quality.

Invest in the Right Mattress

Brisbane’s subtropical climate means dealing with warm, sunny days and the occasional rainfall for most of the year. But that shouldn’t stop you from sinking into a cool, comfortable mattress at the end of the day. 

Invest in a memory foam mattress that supports your back and keeps you cosy all night long. Choose a high-quality mattress that can contribute to:

  • Better sleep patterns, especially when you’re prone to restless nights
  • Lower chances of back or body pain because of a firm, high-support mattress
  • Refreshed and well-rested feeling when you wake up, regardless of the weather

Metia memory foam mattresses adjust to your body and adapt to the temperature so you won’t be tossing and turning all night. These mattresses are soft enough help you relax and firm enough to support your back and hips. They’re made of breathable materials for increased comfort, too.

Step into the Goldilocks Zone

Metia’s mattresses for sale are neither too hard nor too soft. They’re in that ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of comfort where you can easily enter dreamland without worrying about a stiff neck or an aching back when you wake up.

Each mattress is designed to provide maximum sleep quality. The only thing you have to think about is the size:

  • Comfort (22cm): The standard mattress proudly balances firmness and plushness.
  • Comfort Plus (25cm): This memory foam mattress features a knitted fabric top.
  • Premium Plus (30cm): This is ideal for people who want a particularly firm mattress.

Enjoy High Quality at a Low Cost

Many people assume that high-quality mattresses are a luxury that they can only dream about. Metia helps you turn that dream into a reality by offering premium bedding products at reasonable prices.

Good mattresses don’t have to break the bank. Our memory foam products, for example, provide ample ergonomic support without costing thousands of dollars. Additionally, these products are made with breathable materials that protect against humidity. You’ll enjoy using a Metia mattress for a long time. Order a mattress today and we’ll arrange free delivery to your Brisbane address.