The perfect mattress type and size depends on the person sleeping on it. Some want a soft and cosy mattress that they can sink into. Others prefer a firmer cushion. We have them all.Buy mattresses online from Metia. Your sleep quality will surely improve.

Why Choosing a Mattress Matters

You deserve an excellent night’s sleep every night. And while your bedroom décor and environment definitely play a role in sleep quality, your choice of mattress is arguably the most important factor.

Your mattress choice determines whether your limbs would be hanging off the edge when you stretch a little too wide. It decides whether you sink into the bed comfortably and whether the plushness affects your posture. Ultimately, your mattress dictates whether you’ll be tossing and turning in bed at night.

Consider these reasons for thinking twice before you choose a mattress for your bedroom:

  • Sleep Patterns: The right mattress helps you fall asleep faster. It minimises restlessness, too.
  • Level of Comfort: Your mattress choice determines how well-rested you are when you wake up.
  • Full Body Support: A good mattress firmly yet gently supports your spine and the rest of your body.

How to Determine the Right Mattress for You

Metia’s memory foammattresses for saleare designed for the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of bedroom comfort.

Each mattress is designed to adapt to the shape of your body. It supports your head, back, hips and limbs to help you maintain good posture even while you sleep. Each mattress is made with breathable materials, too, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep regardless of the weather and temperature.

Given that each Metia product is just right, your choice largely depends on the mattress size and firmness. 

Choose among our memory foam mattresses that are equally plush but provide different levels of firmness to suit your style and comfort:

  • Comfort (22cm): Our standard mattress features the ideal balance of firm and plush.
  • Comfort Plus (25cm): This memory foam mattress has a high-quality knitted fabric top.
  • Premium Plus (30cm): This mattress is the firmest product in our product range.

How Metia Contributes to Your Sleep Quality

Many people assume that premium bedding products are costly. But they don’t have to be. Metia wants to enhance your sleep quality so we provide high-quality memory foam mattresses at reasonable prices.

Our luxurious bedding products provide stable ergonomic support, effectively reducing sleep-related back pain and body aches. They’re made with breathable materials, too, so your bed will never feel too hot.

The best part is that these dream-like mattresses won’t cost you thousands of dollars. Place your order today. Metia arranges quick and free delivery of premium bedding products in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and other cities throughout Australia.