Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Metia mattress cost so much less than the mattresses in other retail stores?

We operate from the warehouse we owned which saves us the rent and other expenses, so you can have good quality beds and mattresses without paying normal retail prices.


Where can I test the mattresses or inspect the bed frames

We are located in Adelaide of South Australia (62 Gibson Street, Bowden, SA.5007), you are welcome to come to our warehouse & Showroom to inspect and test them.

What are the dimensions of the mattresses and bed frames?

King single: 107cm x 203cm

Double size: 137cm x 190cm

Queen size: 153cm x 203cm

King size:183 x 203cm

All the our mattresses fit to the Australia Standard bed frames.


What firmness levels do you offer ?

The Metia range of mattresses are generally regarded as a medium firmness by industry standards.  Each mattress uses memory foam +the latest pocket spring or Memory foam (full foam) technology, engineered to provide proper spinal support and excellent sleeping comfort.  Typically, most our mattresses are rated as a medium firmness, however the mattress firmness can vary a little based on the comfort layers on top and the pocket springs.

In terms of our mattress range, in the queen size, if you are after a firmer mattress we would recommend the BMT016 comfort series. For a more plush sleeping experience whilst maintaining excellent body support we would recommend the comfort plus series which is AMZ603,  and the higher level is Luxury series which are AM8607, AM8605 and HC-016. The

Highest level is Premium sereies which are SM915 and AMZ978, these are GEL Memory Foam Mattresses (full foam).


Can you pack the mattress back in the box?

Unfortunately, it will not re-compress back into the box once you release it from the package.

How should I care for my mattress ?

Caring for your mattress is important and key to extending it’s life as well as it’s continued comfort. The instructions below will help ensure your mattress is in a great condition for a good night’s sleep.  

Always use a mattress protector to avoid accidental soiling.

The solid (thick) slats on the base supporting the mattress is important. We recommend a centre support rail for all solid slat bases for double sizes and above.

Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress as this could damage the frame, spring or border.

Rotation of the mattress will help prolong your mattress quality and life span. 

Handles (if fitted) are only to be used for positioning the mattress. Do not use handles to lift the mattress.

If your new mattress is firmer or softer than the one you are replacing, it could take up to 30 days for our body to adjust.

Remember to air your mattress periodically.


How much does the delivery cost ?

Flat rate delivery fee is $50 for the Metro areas of Australia major cities, this is the rate for ground floor delivery.

We are happy to quote for deliveries to addresses outside of Metro areas.  

Can I come to pick it up ?

You are welcome to come to pick it up from our warehouse which is located in Adelaide of South Australia, the address: 62 Gibson Street, Bowden, SA.5007.